Electronic Presentment

The Master's Touch offers best-in-class electronic document presentment and payment solution through our proprietary service: eNoticesOnline. eNoticesOnline allows you to offer your customers paperless delivery of all mailings without you having to manage users, maintain email addresses, or upload documents. We do it all for you! Additionally, everything is integrated as part of our mailing process meaning you don't have to manage separate vendors for mailing, electronic presentment, and online payments. The Master's Touch does it all!

Simple and Easy for You
  • We collect and manage all email address.
  • We validate the user's identity.
  • We manage and maintain the website, so you don't have to.
  • You can send email blasts to all your registered users with important information or events – at no additional cost!
  • Reduce paper and postage costs. Delivery through eNoticesOnline is only a fraction of the cost of delivering the same document through the postal service.
  • Easy to use reporting portal so you can see your users, view statistics, and run reports that may be required for auditing purposes.
Simple and Easy for Your Customers
  • Customer's do NOT have to search for their account. Once they are registered, all the customer's documents are in one place.
  • Your documents are secure. When a new document becomes available for a registered user, they receive an email notifying them that the new document is available. Then, they log into their eNoticesOnline account and access their documents. No PDF documents are ever sent over email where potentially confidential information could be intercepted by bad actors.
  • Multiple accounts require only one registration and one login to view and pay ALL of them.
  • Up to 6 years of document history is maintained for your users to view at any time.
  • When using ePay, your customers never have to leave the site or search for their accounts. They can simply choose which accounts they wish to pay and pay them all in a single transaction.
  • We can provide you with a custom public payment portal for any of your customers who wish to pay online, but do not want to enroll in paperless billing.
Still not Convinced?
  • eNoticesOnline meets or exceeds industry security standards.
  • The Master's Touch has been offering eNoticesOnline since 2013. eNoticesOnline boasts over 300,000 users and 73 million documents being hosted for over 270 satisfied customers.

Interested in receiving more information? CLICK HERE and one of our eNoticeOnline experts will arrange a webinar with you.