Mail Services

Whether you are looking for First class, Standard A, Non-profit – The Master's Touch does it all. And we do it with the World Class Customer Service you will come to know as something very special. We take great pride in making sure our customers always feel their mailings are in the best possible hands!

  1. Programming – Data Set-up: We have our own IT and programming department that is extremely skilled at working with most any type of data file. Typically an Excel or text delimited file is supplied by our customers for simple direct mailing projects. For more complex statement printing, a fixed field length text file, or delimited text file, print file or PDF file can be used to generate barcoded statements that qualify for postal discounts. The delimited text file is the most preferred since it gives us the greatest flexibility to create and modify your printed statements.
  2. Envelope Addressing - For direct mail projects, we address and apply the intelligent mail barcode to your envelopes on a high speed inkjet addressing machine. This equipment is capable of printing a variety or fonts and can also print your address or a tag line in color. Addressing speeds can reach up to 30,000 envelopes per hour and the print quality is excellent!
  3. Imaging: If your project requires laser printing (i.e. statements, invoices, notices, etc.)
    1. Laser Printing: we utilize one of several laser printers, each capable of printing 40,000 letter size forms per hour. Total capacity is 300,000 per shift, so no project is too large for us.
    2. Color Printing: In addition to our standard black laser printing, we also have production color inkjet machines that can produce 100,400 color imaged letter size sheets per hour or 803,200 sheets per shift.
  4. Folding: Our bindery area can really put out the work. Our state of the art continuous folder will letter-fold, Z-fold, double parallel fold, gate fold, ANY fold at speeds reaching 40,000 letters per hour. When it is running you know it because it sounds like a machine gun in rapid fire mode. Folds are flat, and pristine making a very professional impression for the recipient.
  5. Inserting: Our high speed envelope inserters are brand new and state of the art. They will insert a letter or legal size sheet and up to 4 additional inserts at a speed of up to 54,000 per hour. Our inserters are equipped with cameras that will read the 2d barcode. This barcode that we apply as we print your job contains several pieces of information about each sheet, of which the most important is the statement sequence number and what its page number is within that set. This allows this intelligent inserter to recognize when a statement may have gotten out of order and insures your page two never gets combined with someone else’s page one! If a sequence error were to occur, the operator is alerted and the machine stops until the problem is corrected.